Heartbeat of Faith
Dive into the profound intricacies of Scripture like never before with PRAY.COM’s "Heartbeat of Faith" hosted by Andrew Farley. Our mission is to illuminate the rich tapestry of Biblical narratives, shedding light on the often uncharted territory of the prophets, epistles, and Psalms. By intertwining stories from past episodes and lesser-known Biblical passages, we aspire to underscore the recurring themes and timeless wisdom embodied within the Holy Word. Sign up for Heartbeat of Faith devotionals at https://www.heartbeatoffaith.com  "Heartbeat of Faith" is more than a Bible study; it's a journey to discern and disseminate the core Christian tenets without compromising the engaging craft of storytelling. Our episodes delve into bedrock principles such as grace, mercy, prayer, and the doctrine of the Trinity, while also probing deeper, more intricate queries. Why are conflicts between brothers a recurring motif in the Bible? What relevance do Old Testament sacrifices hold for us today? What does it truly signify to be an image-bearer of God? To answer these profound questions and more, we harness the power of PRAY.COM’s Biblical Sagas, enriched with discerning Biblical commentary. We believe that every story, every letter, every prophecy, and every poem is intricately interconnected, unveiling a divine, overarching narrative within the Biblical universe. Join us on "Heartbeat of Faith," and embark on a captivating exploration of Scripture that promises to enlighten, inspire, and deepen your understanding of your faith Show more