Your Teen, Anxiety and You
Any parent of an anxious teen knows first-hand the worry, fear, frustration & heartache this can bring. And sourcing any kind of help can feel like a minefield. I’ve gotcha. Recently listed as No.3 in the UK Best Anxiety Podcasts by Feedspot (https://blog.feedspot.com/uk_anxiety_podcasts/), Your Teen, Anxiety and You is dedicated to helping all mums (& dads, grandparents, caregivers or educators) who are struggling with their teen’s anxiety – to give them some hope and a little hug. With episodes packed full of insight, awareness, practical tools and strategies, join trauma-release practitioner & mum Moira Healy as she takes a weekly dive into all things Teen Anxiety and You – the emotions, the behaviours, the importance of mind/body connection, the neuroscience and lots of other great content that will help you feel more confident, more capable and less overwhelmed. And of course ultimately, to help you help your teen - so you can both truly thrive. If you want to be able to put an end to the meltdowns & shutdowns, to skyrocket your relationship with your teen, to improve communication, and to fully understand the real story behind your teen’s anxiety, then listen & follow wherever you get your podcasts because this one is for you. Let’s turn the tide on teen anxiety – together. Show more