Why We Tri | Endurance Sports Podcast for All Levels
Welcome to The Why We Tri Podcast! Finding self-motivation when the world beneath you is crumbling seems impossible. Triathlon & Endurance Sports demand you to be present at all times. Losing focus for only a moment while on the swim, the bike, or the run can have dangerous consequences.  After the sudden loss of my mom in 2018 and my divorce in 2020, my WHY in triathlon, as well as in my personal life, was deflated. My three daughters needed their Mom back, and I needed my WHY back. With small attempts back into the pool for a swim, or back on the bike to cycle, or out on that track to run, I found myself surrounded by a WORLD of endurance everyday athletes here in Miami, FL, while on the Alien Race Team, online in the BYLR club by Jesse Itzler, and out at races by CLASH and Ironman. A world of triathletes and endurance athletes who openly share their incredible stories with me. These stories inspired me to get back up, keep going and SHARE:  WHY WE TRI!! Kick back, grab your favorite beverage, tune in and enjoy the stories of ordinary people who set out and go far beyond ordinary distances on  The Why We Tri Podcast! ~CAROLINE  IG: @WhyWeTriPodcast FB: Why We Tri Podcast Website: https://whywetri.co © Why We Tri LLC Show more