Why It Matters
A collection of interviews with leaders who are passionate about something that is at risk of being overlooked. Sometimes that will be a brand, a product or a service but it can also be an idea - something that is losing its value for many. And to re-express relevance you need someone with vision and drive. At Sparks, we’ve been working with leaders like this for over 20 years. They’re our favourite people to work with, and so in this podcast our strategy director Michael Gough sits down with them to discuss why their topic matters. Sparks is a brand and design agency based in London. We help ambitious organisations with rich histories and complexity to re-establish their relevance. We help them to discover and express what matters now so they can connect with a changing audience. Learn more at sparks-studio.com. Get in touch via whyitmatters@sparks-studio.com. Or follow us on Twitter and Instagram via the hashtag #whyitmatterspod Show more