The Sleep Whisperer Podcast
NEW EPISODES FROM JANUARY 2023! The Sleep Whisperer Podcast is a podcast about all of sleep, from physiological root causes of poor sleep to dreams and functional medicine to esoteric ancient wisdom through the prism of sleep. It's for patients and practitioners working through sleeplessness who want to hear something more in depth about why they struggle with sleep, making the link between understanding body, mind and sleep through guidance from experts in functional medicine and ancient wisdom. Listen to world renowned experts including Dhru Purohit, Dr Maya Shetreat, Jessica Drummond, Sachin Patel, Dr Eric Zielinski, Dr Michael Murray and Kiran Krishnan. Listen to how these global experts have changed the conversation about sleep as Deepa speaks with them about diverse symptoms and conditions interconnected with sleep, bringing compassion and sensitivity to your sleep challenges. As Deepa helps you unravel the pieces, get to the roots and understand the right tools to transform your sleep completely, she shows how a deeper connection with physiology really could save the global sleep crisis. If you want to listen to blissful guided meditations, the show has you well covered! Subscribe to The Sleep Whisperer today to begin your journey to a good night sleep! Show more