Wayne Talks
Building a manufacturing business from a shed to a million plus turnover, with a worldwide customer base and continuing to grow over the past 20 years should count for something, right? I went up against companies who spend more on advertising in a day than I earnt in my first year of trading, and I still came out on top.From that shed, working 24/7 8 days a week, I have been there ,I have experienced what you are going through. From those initial ideas, to the 'where do I go from here?' I can help.You are not alone, I want to help you. for free!!! No sales pitch here!I talk business for  new business creators, people who use their own skills to create something tangible. No matter how niche or specialised your or your product is, you can take on the world, one step at a time.From custom clothing, to artists, from cake makers to mask builders I have been involved in helping to build businesses beyond selling to friends and family. Take what you do and sell it to the world, enjoying the journey.This is a business podcast based my own experiences and ramblings. It is not here to sell you anything, but it will hopefully help you do so!! Show more