The Sustainability Story
The Sustainability Story features intimate conversations with thought leaders from the world of ESG investing and sustainability. The topics include anything and everything about where finance intersects with the environment, governance, society, climate change, biodiversity, human capital management, regulations, standards, and more. Now reimagined with three hosts, each focused on a unique aspect of the investment industry, we will continue to tell the story of how we got here and where we are going in the journey to financial sustainability. To reach our hosts regarding sustainability-related topics, please email Andres Vinelli at Andres.Vinelli@cfainstitute.org for topics related to capital markets and regulation, Josina Kamerling at Josina.Kamerling@cfainstitute.org for all things EU, and Deborah Kidd at Deborah.Kidd@cfainstitute.org for topics related to investment analysis and portfolio management. Show more