There You Are Jesus: The Full Story & Modern Day Evidence
Sharing Modern Day Evidence of Interactions with God, There You Are Jesus transcends religion to give you a positive, refreshing and eye-opening look at how God communicates with the world. As for me? It all started with a vision. Well...not really. It actually started with me dying, so I’ve come to know. I’m John Levay and through unlocked, suppressed memories, a desperate prayer, and years of working through what unfolded between my father and I, this is the real-life, true story of how I died and went to Heaven, met Jesus Christ, and was resuscitated back to life to live to tell about it. My purpose and passion in this life is to now share with you modern day evidence of the two-way communication and interactions between Heaven and Earth, with God and Jesus Christ, through first-hand, eye-witness accounts of the afterlife, nature, numbers, and everyday things as we all go about our daily lives. With the Seven Spirits of God guiding me and the Silver Cord holding me tight, keep up with my never-ending journey of understanding the observations that are just a little too coincidental to not be Divine. I share these everyday stories with you bi-weekly on my second podcast There You Are Jesus | Modern Day Evidence. Learn more and reach out with your story or coincidence at ThereYouAreJesus.com and you could be a featured guest. Listen and subscribe now to There You Are Jesus - wherever you get your podcasts. Show more