The Disrupted Workforce
Are you ready to adapt and reinvent yourself for the most disrupted and digital workforce in history? Learn more at: https://www.thedisruptedworkforce.com/. It is estimated that over 1 billion people will need reskilling by 2030, and AI will impact more than 300 million jobs. Work, identity, and what it means to be human are rapidly changing. What would it feel like to belong and not get stuck? Join hosts Nate Thompson and Alex Schwartz and the top voices in the Future of Work to uncover how to meet this dynamic new reality driven by AI, hybrid work, societal shifts, and our increasingly digital world. Discover why a Future of Work Mindset is your key to prepare, navigate and thrive! Topics include: - Human-centric intelligence in the age of AI - Crucial human skills and human-centered leadership for a digital world - Professional reinvention - How to develop a future of work mindset - Trends impacting the future of work - Reskilling and future skilling Be sure to follow us on your favorite platform and check out our YouTube channel for video episodes. Show more