The Terrible Reading Club
The Terrible Reading Club is a podcast about great books for truly terrible times. Host Nora McInerny knows a thing or two about this kind of literature, because she's written several books herself about tough subjects like grief and loss and mental health (and moving forward in the face of it all). Each episode centers a book that deals with Hard Stuff and features an interview with the author about their work. And the best part about this reading club? You don't need to read the book ahead of time! For book discussion guides and a community of Terrible bookworms just like you, join The Terrible Reading Club on Substack! It's free! https://terriblereadingclub.substack.com/ Got a book you want to recommend? Reach out to us at terriblereadingclub@feelingsand.co. The Terrible Reading Club team is Nora McInerny, Claire McInerny, Megan Palmer, Marcel Malekebu, Kara Nesvig, Jordan Turgeon, and Michelle Plantan. Our upcoming reading list can be found on our Substack: https://terriblereadingclub.substack.com/p/our-upcoming-book-selections. Show more