System Catalysts
Let’s face it: We can’t fix the world alone. There is a new, catalytic approach to solving the world’s toughest problems — one that is grittier, more collaborative and less reliant on a single charismatic leader or silver bullet solution.On System Catalysts, you will hear and learn from activists, philanthropists, and change makers who are bringing more inclusive, connective, system level solutions to our most persistent challenges. Each week, hosts Tulaine Montgomery, Jeff Walker and English Sall will share personal stories of catalysts and how they collaborated with others to successfully tackle issues from access to food and health services, racial injustice, mental health and much more.  Each episode will guide and inspire you to use a catalytic approach to addressing tough problems.System Catalysts is produced by Hueman Group Media. Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information. Show more