Big Queen Energy
Nicole Rose Stillings is a Manifestation Expert, TV Personality, and Creator of The Manifest Mindset™ - an app that rewires the subconscious brain to achieve goals. Nicole speaks regularly on the topics of energy, purpose, manifestation and meditation, and was recently featured on MindValley & TEDx. The daughter of 2 brain doctors, she studied psychology and sociology at Emory University and is also trained in neuro-linguistic programming, meditation, breathwork, intuition and reiki. She was a 4th place contestant on the remake of the Apprentice - The Big Shot with Bethenny - on HBO Max. Nicole delivers quick 10-20 minute episodes with tools to reprogram your subconscious brain & law of attraction tips to help you unlock your inner queen. This show is all about woman-to-woman mentorship in a raw, real, unapologetic style sprinkled with lighthearted humor & girl talk. The goal is to empower you on your journey to fearless creation. Best served with a latte or a glass of rosé. New drops every Monday at 7:30 AM! @bigqueenenergypod // Show more