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Stories to inspire America. Listen to real American stories that will inspire you to be a better person, role model, and leader for your family, community, and country.

American Snippets is a patriotic podcast and entrepreneurial mindset driven interview show that is hosted by Barbara Allen and Dave Brown.

Barbara Allen is a military widow turned entrepreneur, award-winning author, and speaker. Dave Brown is a real estate investor, serial entrepreneur, and business coach.

Together, Barb and Dave use the "power of story" to make America a better and more free place. Draw inspiration from a powerful network of genuine guests from across the country who are influential Americans, veteran entrepreneurs, military heroes, celebrities, business leaders, and selfless citizens who exemplify the core values and principals our country was founded on.

It’s time to come together, united by our love of country, to celebrate all things that makes America great.

Don’t just be inspired. Be Exceptional.