Brand Tuned – Successful Brand, Successful Business
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Brand Tuned - successful brand, successful business is a podcast about how to create a brand and a successful business by Shireen Smith of Azrights. Its premiss is that a business is more likely to succeed if its founders give appropriate thought to designing their personal and business brand effectively. Design is about how it works, not just how it looks, and a critical component of effective business design is Intellectual Property. In the 21st century, branding involves considering IP, PR, marketing, and graphic design in an inter-disciplinary way at the start of any project or campaign. The podcast explores how to set your purpose, values and business vision and mission. It also covers topics such as how to identify your niche, choose a brand name that resonates with your niche, understand what business you're really in, define your brand strategy, and what to consider before finalising your visual identity and designs.