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Brand Tuned - Smart Marketing, Better Branding podcast hosted by Shireen Smith explores how to create a winning brand by focusing on an aspect of branding drawn from the TUNED framework which stands for Think IP First!, Understand your market! Name it right! Establishing the right brand strategy! And Driving the strategy! This covers the full range of brand management subjects, namely, IP which is intrinsic to brands, research to understand the market, what buyers want and need, developing the right business model and strategy, positioning and differentiating the offering, naming and brand strategy which includes the visual identity of the brand. Builiding the brand using a combination of long and short term tactics touches on diverse subjects like social media, SEO, podcast guesting, content marketing. The TUNED framework is detailed in Shireen Smith's forthcoming book Brand Tuned - The New Rules of Branding, Strategy, and Intellectual Property.