Brand Tuned - Sharp Branding
Brand Tuned is a podcast on brand management hosted by Shireen Smith. It’s for marketers, designers and entrepreneurs looking to create, build and grow distinctive brands. Episodes include interviews with thought leaders on aspects of branding, from intellectual property and trademarks, to understanding your customers’ wants and needs, to using appropriate business models, setting the right brand strategy, and taking account of fundamentals like customer experience, team culture, and long-term brand building. Writing the Brand Tuned book was an eye opener into the conflicting, impenetrable advice that characterises much of the branding industry. There is so much jargon, folklore, hype and pop psychology about brands making it difficult for people to know what to focus on when creating their brands Brands are often created by people with no training in IP for people who have no idea about the pivotal role IP plays in business and branding Show more