Traumatic Transformations with Gunjani Patel
Welcome to Traumatic transformation which is dedicated to people who are going through or have gone through a traumatic life event or life phase and are looking to find hope, peace, and purpose through it. In each episode, I plan to share science-backed actionable tips, strategies, real-life wisdom, and experiences of being a Licensed Mental Health Therapist, and a Trauma Specialist. I plan to also present to you the most insightful people (athletes, coaches, psychologists, psychiatrists, supermoms, healers, authors, and speakers) who have turned their tragedies into purposeful living and are now paying it forward. Through this show, I am looking to answer the most common questions I often get - how can I change my mindset and become the best version of myself, find my purpose, and not feel so stressed & overwhelmed? Tune in every Tuesday & Thursday. Follow me on Instagram & Facebook: @gpatelcounseling. Join my Blog community: Pregnant & New moms: join my "Pregnant & New Moms Mental Wellness Support Group" where we put the focus back on the mom's mental health or on IG: Pregnant_Newmom_tribe Show more