Sip & Savor
Sip & Savor takes an in-depth look at some of the buzziest destinations to eat and drink in Houston and beyond, featuring interviews with cool creatives who make up the city's diverse culinary landscape. Digging deep into the melting pot, the podcast showcases a broad spectrum of cuisines — from good ol' fashioned Texas barbecue to world-famous Viet-Cajun crawfish, and everything in between. Hosted by native Houstonian and veteran food writer Megha McSwain, the show offers an unpretentious look at festive places to — you guessed it — sip and savor!Subscribe on all podcasting apps, rate & review on iTunes and Apple Podcasts!Follow us on social media at @hotpinkhouston and @eddpodnetPresented by the Eat Drink Dine Podcast Network Show more