Write Your OWN Story
We were told there are rules and expectations that the world has for us. Somebody told us about “us” and who we are supposed to be. We got that degree, that certification, that promotion, but what about “us”—our gifts, talents, uniqueness, passions? Created and hosted by the venerable Rebecca Fleetwood Hession, Write Your OWN Story offers insights from her coaching and her book Write Your OWN Story, Three Keys to Rise and Thrive. She gives listeners structure and ideas that they can take and make their own path. The show features personal accounts from Rebecca and interviews with guests focused on stories—the human side of business; money—richer, intentional conversations around this necessary commodity; and rhythm—living in the emotional flow of life and work. Every episode is designed to inspire, empower, and excite listeners to create their own life and career of thriving. The most courageous thing we can do is to connect, especially with ourselves. New episodes every week. Follow along wherever you get your audio. Show more