What role do spiritual and wellness rituals play in our fast-paced, secular world? Join journalist-turned-guinea pig Nelufar Hedayat as she tries a new ritual in every episode. From following the Muslim call to prayer to sacred readings of Harry Potter, Nelufar dives in with the help of a different spiritual guide each week to see if these practices can actually make us feel better.  Ritually is a Project Brazen production. For more original storytelling, search for the Brazen channel on Apple Podcasts or visit brazen.fm, home to all our podcasts, documentaries and newsletters. At Brazen, we make shows that change how you think about the world around you.  Don’t stay in the dark. Subscribe to Brazen+ on Apple Podcasts or at brazen.fm/plus and get exclusive bonus episodes for Ritually and all our shows, as well as ad-free listening and early access to new podcasts. For the latest from Brazen delivered straight to your inbox, subscribe to our newsletters at brazen.fm/newsletters. Show more