The Rita Made Me Do It Show
Do you want to build a profitable business AND live a positive life? Every week on The Rita Made Me Do It Show, you’ll get exactly what you need to go all-in on your dreams so that you step into the next level of your business and the highest version of yourself while having FUN! Because truly, if you aren’t happy and enjoying your life then what on earth is the point? I’ll be chatting with business owners, comedians, a celebrity or two and even my mama about the choices they made to take bold action and live unconventionally (achieving BIG results) and will break it all down into actionable tips so that you can make it work for you! Get ready to change your approach to achieving success! The Rita Made Me Do It Show will inspire you, make you laugh, scare the pants off of you and, if you go all-in on what you learn here, will help you build a profitable business that supports your dream life! Join me over in my free Facebook community, The All-in Entrepreneur, to contribute your insights, ask questions and share all of your celebrations: Show more