Raising Me
How many times as a parent or caregiver have you stressed out not knowing how to handle a situation? (Ran out of fingers and toes to count here!) Questions about curfews, social media rules, whether we are being too strict or not strict enough, or even dealing with a toddler meltdown can make us worry if we're doing or saying the right things. The reality is even the moms, dads, caregivers who look like they have it figured out really don’t. There is so much self-doubt that comes with being a parent. We don’t get a ‘How To’ guide after all. Each week on RaisingME, Emmy-award winning journalist and mom of 3 Adrienne Stein will talk with the experts about what we’re all navigating with our children. Things like dealing with bullies, fear around school threats, figuring out how and when to effectively discipline, and how to talk with our kids about money, especially when difficult choices need to be made. We'll learn simple and practical ways to be a better parent and person. Follow along for the new episode dropping every Tuesday morning. Welcome to RaisingME! Show more