Priorities on Purpose: Leveling Up in Life & Business for Direct Sellers
Hey there, I’m Melissa Batt, a Christian life and business coach and the host of Priorities on Purpose, a podcast for overwhelmed and overworked direct sellers who want to grow their income, audience, and influence. Do you feel like you are sometimes failing at being a mom, wife, or business owner? Or maybe all three? You try so hard to balance it all but when you are working, you are missing out on family time and when you are doing family time, you are behind on all the work stuff? You start working on your goals and take one step to only get knocked back three steps when life hits you by surprise. Girl, I get it. I was there once! I was a stay at home mom turned work at home mom and a top leader earning six-figures who found a passion in helping others succeed in the network marketing industry and now I want to help you! I promise to be your hype girl & business bestie as I share proven & simple strategies that will help you save time, find peace, and live a fulfilled life with a strong sustainable business. Are you ready to level up in life and leadership? If so, put your earbuds in while you are cooking dinner or folding the laundry and let’s get to it, friend. Learn: www.melissabatt.com Connect: realtalktribe@mail.com Follow me on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/melissabattofficial/ Show more