Danielle Brooks • Owning Her Power
Danielle Brooks, an award-winning actress and singer who has captivated audiences from Broadway to the big screen, sits down with host Charlotte Alter in this week's episode. Fresh from her acclaimed role as ‘Sofia’ in the film adaptation of “The Color Purple” musical, Danielle shares her journey from an arts education in South Carolina to the set of her anticipated “Minecraft” movie. She delves into the impact of her church roots on her artistic expression, her thoughtful process for selecting roles, how marriage and motherhood have shaped her work, and her deep connection to the story, characters and legacy of “The Color Purple.” Brooks also shares a behind-the-scenes look at her days on “Orange Is the New Black,” and reveals the secrets behind hosting an unforgettable game night. Tune in for a moving conversation filled with laughter, song, and the power of storytelling. Show more