The Menopause and Cancer Podcast
Has cancer treatment led you to early menopause? Do you feel confused about your options? This podcast hosts conversations with cancer patients, survivors and medical professionals to learn about treatments available for women with a cancer diagnosis.  I’m Dani Binnington, after breast cancer, surgery to remove my ovaries led me to early menopause, I had no idea what my treatment options were and who in my medical team could help me figure out what to do about my symptoms. I felt alone and unsupported. It took me so long to discover I had lots of options too. If only I’d known sooner! Everything I wish I’d known back then is inside these conversations - so you can make the right choices now.  These episodes are a good place to start: 1. Rethinking Tamoxifen & Aromatase Inhibitors  2. Why I decided to take HRT after an oestrogen driven cancer 2. Alcohol & Me Menopause and cancer is also a thriving community online and in real life.  Join the Facebook community to connect with women going through the same thing you are: https://www.facebook.com/groups/menopauseandcancerchathub Show more