Overweighted: Lose Weight Without a Diet, Eat What You Want, Be More Consistent
Have you been stuck in a ”lose weight and gain it back” cycle? Do you have a bunch of smaller sized clothes tucked away in your closet waiting for ”that day” that you can finally fit in them again? Are you the heaviest weight that you’ve ever been? Me too, sis. You are not alone and the Overweighted podcast is for you. Listen each week as I shed some light on what it takes to actually lose weight in a simple, successful, and sustainable way. That means, it won’t be complicated (aka no diets or cutting out food groups). We’re actually going to lose weight together (and feel good in our bodies). And this time, we’re going to keep it off (thank you Jesus). We’ll talk practical weight loss tips, rewriting those negative thoughts in your head, and I’ll even share some Biblical principles that support your weight loss efforts and honor God. Get ready to be inspired, renewed, and transformed so that you can get out of that cycle and into those clothes. Let’s mark “lose weight” off of our to-do lists for good! Show more