On Your Terms
Have an online business as a course creator, coach or service provider? Whether you’re brand new, already thriving, or somewhere in between — it can be hard deciphering whether “so and so’s” business advice is legit or a hackneyed regurgitation of what THEIR business coach taught them. Does it work? Is it legal? ‘On Your Terms®’ podcast is half “how not to break the online biz laws your well-meaning mentor forgot to say existed.” Half “marketing that doesn’t require you taking on Instagram like it’s a second job.” Your host is Sam Vander Wielen, an unfiltered Philly native and former attorney. Sam quit law to start an online business, build her email list to 27,000 subscribers, and make millions in sales 7 years — all while confronting major personal life challenges she’s not too shy to tell you about. If you’re looking for overnight success stories, hustle culture, or magic bullet marketing schticks that promise you [INSERT RIDICULOUS CLAIM HERE], ask Siri to play you a different podcast. But if you’re ready for rooted-in-reality conversations around (not so) passive income, Facebook ads, building the ever-essential email list, and how to get compliant with whatever new law just rolled out for the online biz world (it happens more than you think) — grab your laundry basket, pour yourself something warm, and cozy up. ‘On Your Terms’ is your new Monday and Thursday tradition (that’s when new EPs drop!). 125,000 people have downloaded episodes. Experts like Amy Porterfield came on as a guest. Now it’s your turn to get 1% savvier when it comes to keeping your online business both successful AND legally sound. Show more