The Odd Mom Pod
Welcome to the Odd Mom Pod, a place where we celebrate the unconventional, the uncharted, and the unapologetic journey of parenthood.I'm Brittany, a registered nurse, an international board certified lactation consultant, and a mom with a whole lot of experience under my belt.In this podcast, we're all about redefining the norms of parenting and uniting a community of parents who are boldly charting their own path. Parenting in today's world is anything but ordinary, and it's time we embrace the differences that make our experiences unique. As we navigate these unprecedented times, we're also raising a generation of kids who are growing up in an ever-evolving world, and that brings a whole new set of challenges.How do we approach discussions about topics that didn't even exist when we were kids? How can we ensure that we're well-informed before our children are influenced by external sources? The struggles are real, and parents are grappling with increasing rates of mental health diagnoses, seeking advice from social media platforms, and sometimes, feeling lost in a sea of conflicting opinions.Many of us are discovering aspects of our own neurodivergence that we've long hidden, all while trying to teach our kids the emotional skills we weren't taught ourselves. Online support groups are a lifeline, but they can also be a minefield of differing perspectives and sometimes, well-intentioned yet divisive advice.Traditional wisdom passed down from older generations doesn't always fit the world we live in today, and even in areas like breastfeeding, where everyone's grandmother thinks they know best, the landscape has evolved dramatically.There's a sea of outdated information that can lead to more confusion, guilt, and self-doubt than ever before.But the isolation ends here. That's precisely why I'm speaking into this microphone, manifesting every day that our podcast will reach hundreds of thousands of weary parents who are ready to step away from the old way of parenting and venture into the odd way. We'll laugh, we'll cry, and we'll explore the untrodden paths of parenthood together. Welcome to the Odd Mom Pod – where "odd" means extraordinary, and parenting is an adventure like no other.📣 Ready for a ODD kind of conversation? Subscribe, rate, and leave a review!📲 Find me on Instagram: @theoddmompod 📩 Want to be a guest? Fill out the form here: (https://buff.ly/3PsjBJ2)Become a supporter of this podcast: https://www.spreaker.com/podcast/the-odd-mom-pod--6007077/support. Show more