Crafted is a Webby-honored top technology podcast about great products and the people who make them. Featuring incredible entrepreneurs, innovators, and leaders from product, engineering, design, and data telling stories that reveal how amazing products and companies came to life. What trade-offs did they make? What experiments did they run? And what was the moment when they knew – when they just knew – that they were on to something BIG? Hosted by Dan Blumberg, an entrepreneur, product leader, and public radio host with chops as both a technologist and as a public radio host and producer. Dan has founded startups and led product releases and growth initiatives at LinkedIn, The New York Times, and as a consultant to large financial institutions. Before getting into tech, Dan produced, edited, and hosted Morning Edition on WNYC, the most listened to show on the country's largest NPR station. Listen to Crafted to find out what it *really* takes to build great products and companies. *** Crafted is sponsored by Artium, which cares deeply about craft of making incredible software. Artium helps organizations build great products, great teams, and the culture of craft needed to build great software for years to come. Learn more at thisisartium.com Show more