3 Men and A Microphone
Out every Monday 3 Men and A Microphone from These3 Media Ltd is presented by Ian Barstow, Damian Lee, and Darren Antrobus. Join the unpredictable conversation every week as three friends all in their 40’s and all heading towards a midlife crisis discuss life, love, entertainment, and everything in between. Each episode is a topical and funny discussion on the week’s events including the latest TV, films (well in Darren’s case by latest we mean nothing made after 1989!), and what has been happening in the households and life of the three presenters. We also have special guests popping in from time to time, including stars from Comedy like Joe Lycett, Reality TV like Marcus Bentley, and the world of music like Dave Hemmingway for a chat. The show is a relaxed, funny, and engaging 45 minutes of entertainment, presented by 3 friends with over 40 years in radio, production, and entertainment. They may bicker and take the micky out of each other - but they are exceptionally good friends “Ian, Damian and Darren are simply hilarious! It takes me back to the wackiness and zaniness of the glory days of morning zoo radio….” Benjoama “Great show! Really enjoy hearing the banter between the trio” Dismanafon “Its extremely FUNNY. Just like radio used to be…” amjjames Copyright these3 Media Ltd All Rights Reserved. Show more