Seventh Row podcast: Women at Cannes Season
Cannes 2022 kicks off on May 17, so let's celebrate the wonderful work by women who have been at Cannes this year and in the past. Join us for a podcast season starting May 11 on women directors in the Cannes Competition, and get the Box Set of books on women directors at Cannes. The Seventh Row Podcast is a weekly podcast in which we compare and contrast films to discover new insights and context for (mostly foreign and independent) films both new and old. Our panel always features at least 50% women, and is a combination of critics, film lovers, and academics. Soon, all episodes more than six months old will be only available to our members. As a member, you’ll receive a personalized premium feed of all of our episodes, and you can still listen to it from your favourite podcatcher. To become a member, visit http://seventh-row.com/join Show more