Microbiome Medics
Dr Siobhan McCormack and Dr Sheena Fraser are the Microbiome Medics, two GPs and BSLM Diplomates who believe that the rapidly emerging science of Human Microbiomes presents a paradigm shift in the way medicine is perceived, researched, and practiced. The Microbiome Medics Podcast is the place where clinicians, scientists and other interested parties can learn about Human Microbiomes, Lifestyle Medicine, how they connect and how they can be harnessed to improve health outcomes. Join our two intrepid Microbiome explorers as they unearth the evidence and present the multiple ways in which the trillions of microbes living in and on you can impact your physiology and health. This podcast will escort you through the basics, explain the research, introduce you to the experts and package the latest evidence into actionable, bite-sized chunks that you can use today to improve your own health and the health of your patients.Our only declaration of interest is that we have co-created "the gut microbiome for clinicians", an online course for busy health professionals with over 30 hours of learning available on BSLM.org.uk. Show more