Women's Health: Tales from the Uterus
Women's Health is your destination for compelling, stand-out series that touch on all aspects of women's health, like "menopause:unmuted" and "Tales from the Uterus." While each series may focus on a different topic, they're united in their commitment to candid conversations that destigmatize women's health issues and highlight real life people. Tales from the Uterus is a podcast series exploring the stigma associated with women’s health issues. Forthright, emotional, and sometimes gritty, this series explores issues of stigmatized conversations, normalized pain and heavy bleeding, and the stories of women standing up and seeking help. This podcast is a must for all women, menstruators, and those who care for them. Moderated by leading women’s health expert Dr. Charis Chambers, this series provides real stories and offers a fresh perspective on the reasons we still can’t talk about uterine health openly. This podcast is not designed to provide medical advice or promote or recommend any treatment option. This podcast is powered by Pfizer. Show more