Century Lives
If there's one thing we know about life expectancy in the US, it's that wealthy communities have long life expectancies and poor communities have shorter life expectancies. That is true even down to the neighborhood level, where in some cities life expectancy can differ by as much as 30 years between neighborhoods just a few miles apart. The connection between wealthy communities and health is virtually ironclad but researchers have found much greater variability among poorer areas, where some communities far exceed their peers in terms of health outcomes and length of life. Experts will tell you that “place matters"—but they can’t tell you exactly why. In Season 3 of Century Lives, we hit the road, visiting poor and working-class communities that punch above their weight when it comes to healthy aging and life expectancy. In some ways, the communities have little in common—they are urban and rural; Black, White, and Latino—but they have all achieved longer life and better health. Join us to learn the stories and secrets of these communities—and how longer life can become more equitable across the United States. Show more