Love Life, Live Well
Love Life, Live Well is 'The' Lifestyle magazine for your ears.Brought to you by your host, Emma Cartmell, Founder and CEO of UK based, CHS Events.Emma launched the Love Life, Live Well podcast in 2023 to connect with people from the meetings, events and hospitality industry.  The podcast covers lifestyle topics such as travel, wellbeing, careers and much more.Join Emma and her guests as we explore all of the topics you would find in your favourite lifestyle magazine.A note from Emma: "I hope that by listening to this podcast, you will learn something new, you will try something new, and above all else, I hope that you love life and you remember to live well'Connect with Emma:Website: https://hello-chs.com/the-edit-by-chs/podcast/Latest UK hotel and experience offers: https://hello-chs.com/the-edit-by-chs/latest-offers/Instagram: emma.cartmell Show more