Sextras is a podcast about sex, dating, relationships and all the extras. Best friends Honey Jane Wyatt and Maria Jose Hayaux du Tilly paint a candid picture of relationships and dating in their 20s, from sharing funny stories, to sex tips, to hard life lessons learnt (and learning). Typical episodes go from heavy discussions about whether they're difficult to love to cringing at sex stories from their listeners and each other. Listen in to hear two girls talking about all the details of their sex and love lives, and to maybe learn something along the way. To get involved, follow Sextras on Instagram (@sextraspodcast) and Facebook (Sextras Podcast), email ( or submit anonymous confessions to by Honey Jane Wyatt and Maria Jose Hayaux du TillyProduced by Mable ProductionsOriginal music by Sacha Puttnam Hosted on Acast. See for more information. Show more