Fit Girl Magic | Healthy Living For Women Over 40
The Fit Girl Magic podcast is dedicated to helping women create simple healthy habits and sustainable routines that you can fit into your busy lifestyle. As well as the steps needed to build a rocksteady mindset so that you can stop feeling like working out is a punishment to feeling like the strong and confident woman who just knows what to do. Each week, with a sprinkle of humor and real talk, Kim Barnes Jefferson shares resources, tips, and interviews with experts helping women over 40 how to master weight loss, balance hormones and finally get healthy on your own terms. Do yourself a favor and hit the subscribe button. If you are ready to stop defining yourself by the scale, jumping from plan to plan and ready to finally ditch the comparison game and all or nothing mindset. You have found the podcast that will help you to tap into your strength, inner confidence and give you a new appreciation for your health with a splash of salty real talk. Show more