Looking for a job
Welcome to my Audio Curriculum! During this audio experience, you will listen to who I am, my job experiences, education, languages and what I love to do in my free time.<br /><br />Why I've decided to launch an audio CV? The simple answer is: I need a job.<br /><br />After 3 years of freelancing I've realized that is not the path that I want to take, right now, I feel the need to go out of my comfort zone e and face my true self.<br /><br />Podcasting is one of the things that I do best, so I've decided to spice it up a bit and create an audio CV in English. <br /><br />If you will hear something interesting, don't hesitate to call me.<br /><br /><br />Download my CV, get in touch or find out more ► <a href="https://linktr.ee/tommasogobbo" rel="noopener">https://linktr.ee/tommasogobbo</a><br /><br />Get in touch ► <a href="mailto:info@tommasogobbo.com">info@tommasogobbo.com</a> Show more