Hometown History
Welcome to Hometown History, the captivating history podcast that takes you on a journey to the lesser-known corners of America, unearthing the hidden gems of our nation's past. Join your knowledgeable guide, Shane Waters, as he traverses the country, visiting places steeped in forgotten historical significance and bringing these fascinating hometown stories to life. From the rich cultural heritage of the Cherokee Nation in Cherokee, North Carolina, to the remarkable tale of treasured artwork hidden within the walls of the Biltmore Estate, Hometown History showcases the diverse and intriguing narratives that form the backbone of American history. Discover the lesser-known stories of places like Parker's Cross Roads, Tennessee, or the intriguing island in Michigan where the only American king once ruled. Whether you're an avid traveler seeking the untold tales of popular destinations like Redwoods National Park, Grand Canyon National Park, or Sun Studio, or a history enthusiast who loves to explore the past from the comfort of your home, Hometown History is the perfect podcast for you. Join us on this enriching adventure and uncover the captivating stories that define America's hometowns. Award-Wining Podcast, new episodes weekly. Show more