For the Love of Work
The world of work has changed as leaders, teams, and employees alike begin to adjust to the new realities of the modern workplace; from home, in the office, or both. The challenges are unique, but so are the opportunities to level up, open new doors and build a meaningful career. It’s been said if you love your job, you’ll never work a day in your life. For the Love of work is a playbook for the modern employee experience, and it’s more relevant than ever as we redefine the way we work in the wake of a pandemic. Season two expands its focus on the “employee experience” and dives deep into the notion of growth and leadership. Gen Z and Millenials are taking over the workplace and soon, they'll be leading and managing teams of their own. To be successful, they'll need to lean on the right experts who will hand them the right tools to build on the wide skillsets they developed as team members and make a real impact as strong leaders. As told with practical tips and engaging stories, we explore the idea that leadership can come from anywhere. You’ll hear inspirational and practical advice as well as lessons to help you be your best self at work and beyond. Visit fortheloveofwork.ca for more. Show more