Fintech Files: Insights on TECH by BCG Platinion
Are you ready to unravel the most innovative trends disrupting the world of Fintech today? Join us on Fintech Files from BCG Platinion, where we delve deep into the dynamic landscape of Fintech, NeoBanks, and the Digital Banking world, sparking insightful conversations with industry disruptors from around the globe. Hosted by Nora Hocke, a manager at BCG Platinion in Munich, and Annika Melchert, a principal currently based in the Middle East. They specialize in IT strategy, modern tech architecture, and state-of-the-art banking. In their work, they've collaborated with some of today's most innovative Fintechs to transform their organizations; including supporting generative AI use cases. With their unique blend of tech expertise and passion, they bring you stories that capture the essence of the evolving Fintech landscape. This season, we're thrilled to introduce Bianca Lopes. Originally from Brazil and currently based in Denmark, Bianca is an entrepreneur and economist with a remarkable background in digital identity and biometrics. Throughout her career, she has supported over 40 financial institutions and 8 governments, reshaping their approach to technology, reimagining identity, and driving innovation agendas. So, what are the most groundbreaking trends shaping the future of Fintech, and how will they impact your financial world? This season we want to explore questions such as how tokenization will transform business, the role of neobanks in reshaping financial services, and the impact of sustainable and regenerative finance on the industry. Get ready to deep dive into generative AI, digital identity, biometrics, wealth management, mobile payments, investment, and cloud transformation as we navigate these exciting topics this season. Fintech Files takes an accessible approach to technology. We break down complex topics and have our guests explain them in a relatable "explain it to your grandma" style. In every episode, we focus on real-world stories of how financial technology operates, demystifying complex concepts and making them relatable for both Fintech enthusiasts and professionals. Join us on this journey into the ever-evolving world of Fintech, as we keep a close watch on the cryptocurrency landscape, tackle cybersecurity challenges, delve into data analytics, explore artificial intelligence, and peek into the future of digital banking. Your voice matters, and we invite you to share your thoughts and dream guests with us at fintech-podcast@bcgplatinion.com. Your feedback shapes our content, ensuring it remains relevant, engaging, and informative. Fintech Files is here to guide you through the world of financial technology. For more information and to stay updated, visit our website at https://bcgplatinion.com/insights/podcast-fi/. Join us every two weeks on Fintech Files from BCG Platinion. The digital future is now. This podcast uses the following third-party services for analysis: Chartable - https://chartable.com/privacy Show more