Holy Rebels
You're listening to Holy Rebels, where ancient wisdom meets modern spirituality to help you connect with your soul so you can become who you were born to be.Each week, we take a fresh look at the wisdom of the mystics—You’ll discover luminaries such as Mary Magdalene, Francis of Assisi and Teresa of Avila, and find inspiration in the practical spirituality of trailblazers like Dorothy Day and Thomas Merton. Along the way, we journey to the world’s sacred sites (think Chartres Cathedral, the Isle of Iona, and the Camino de Santiago), and unearth the secrets of cultural treasures like the Book of Kells and the Song of Songs.Your host Nina Hirlaender is a Franciscan Sister, expert on mystical theology, and founder of Dancing Spirit Tours. If you feel curious about life’s most profound questions, this vibrant audio tapestry will leave you spellbound. Join our global community of listeners in 50+ countries and find out why Holy Rebels has become an irresistible sensation!www.HolyRebelsPodcast.com Show more