Exit Like a Boss
Having "no time for my exit strategy" is no longer an excuse. This series is made for time-poor business owners at any stage of their journey. These steps have been fine-tuned over 14 years and helped over 800 business owners extract value at exit. Whether you've been in the infinite game of business for decades, or you're a start-up seeking capital, now is the time to start. Every business owner needs to know - with absolute certainty - how to make what you're building into a saleable asset that others will be begging to take over. This short program covers exactly how to extract value at exit to fund your next venture or early retirement. Just under 10 minutes each day, at your own pace. Listen on your commute or over a coffee as we cover the foundations you'll need to consider, from systemization, to key person insurance and even what to consider to avoid being stung unfairly by Capital Gains Tax. Show more