Dogma Disrupted, a Yaqeen podcast
An Islamic podcast that breaks down the ideologies that are challenging Islam today, and works to re-center an authentic Islamic worldview.How do you know that what you believe is Islamically sound? Every belief and opinion is rooted in one particular worldview or another. Sometimes these worldviews are so ingrained in our society that they are difficult to detect, let alone challenge.Islam has better ways than other worldviews to address the issues currently facing us, from theological issues such as the ways we imagine God, to social issues such as sexuality and gender identity, to political issues and everything in between.Join Imam Tom Facchine in Dogma Disrupted as he dives deep into conversation with a subject expert each week to unravel the worldviews we live by, break the chains of the ideologies we unassumingly subscribe to, and re-center the Islamic worldview to address the most contentious issues of today.New episodes every week! Show more