The Cork & Fizz Guide to Wine
Interested in learning about wine, but not sure where to start? You’re in the right place! Here at the Cork & Fizz Guide to Wine, you’ll have the opportunity to dive into the world of wine in a fun and approachable way. Hi! I'm Hailey, wine enthusiast turned wine educator and founder of Cork & Fizz. I’m here to answer all your wine questions, anything from “what the heck is an orange wine?” to “is natural wine really better for me?” I’ll also cover topics such as wine tasting, pairing food and wine, how to shop for wine, and so much more! You’ll also get to hear from experts in the wine industry like winemakers and experienced sommeliers. Whether you’re a casual wine sipper or a total cork dork like myself, this podcast is for you! Want to learn even more about wine? Come follow me on Instagram @corkandfizz and check out my website, www.corkandfizz.com to book a private tasting or join my virtual tasting club, the Cork Crew!How to do a wine tasting for beginners. What are the basics of wine? What type of wine should a beginner drink? What wine goes with which food? Wine information for beginners. What is the best way to learn about wine? Wine education podcast. Show more