Canada by Night: A Vampire the Masquerade Podcast
Canada by Night is a live-play podcast where professional improvisers play Vampire the Masquerade! Sent to rescue his best friend’s kidnapped mother, detective-turned-vampire Everett Fry accidentally ends up the sheriff of New Haven: an experimental town that’s finding out if vampires and humans can co-exist. Stuck leading a ragtag group of officers - the Brujah bounty hunter Val, the Gangrel news reporter Evangeline, and the Tremere blood-witch Doris - can Everett keep New Haven running? Or will the sheriff’s department fail and see the town destroyed by its enemies or liquidated by the vampire council of Canada?! Trending on global comedy fiction charts, and ranking in the top 40 fiction podcasts in the US, UK and Canada (on Spotify AND Apple Podcasts), listen now to find out why Canada by Night has been downloaded more than half a million times!  Show more