Blu Thread Conversations: The Ultimate Business Podcast for People, Culture, and Employer Brand Strategies
Are you a Chief Human Resource Officer (CHRO) or business leader passionate about transforming your organization's people experience and culture? Do you aim to be an effective change agent? Welcome to 'Blu Thread Conversations', the go-to podcast designed for HR leaders actively shaping and creating impact for their organizations.<br><br>Crafted for passionate CHROs and HR leaders, ‘Blu Thread Conversations’ offers valuable insight on how your employer brand strategy and Employer Value Proposition (EVP) can drive measurable business impact by elevating employee experience, accelerating diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), and reducing organizational risk by ensuring a robust pipeline of top talent.<br><br>Each episode on 'Blu Thread Conversations' features insightful conversations with top HR, Marketing, and Communications leaders from some of the world's top organizations. Together we will share experiences and learnings from building impactful human-centred people strategies and lessons on how to activate thriving performance-based cultures. As listeners, you'll gain firsthand experiences and helpful lessons from these change agents as they champion Employer Brand & Culture strategies that drive business impact.<br><br>'Blu Thread Conversations' aims to empower HR leaders and their C-suite colleagues with the knowledge and tools they need to transition the HR function from an administrative role to a valuable strategic partner that drives meaningful impact across the organization.<br><br>Listen to ‘Blu Thread Conversations’ for tangible, real-world examples of creating organizational impact by designing, communicating, and activating winning employer brand strategies and culture initiatives. Our conversations will help provide you with investment direction on the people program that will drive the most meaningful impact and will help you inspire talent across the organization to create a sense of belonging, pride, and connection.<br><br>Let’s weave a powerful narrative around the intersection of people, culture, and performance.<br><br>Join us at ‘Blu Thread Conversations’.<br><br>More on Blu Ivy Group:<br><br>Blu Ivy Group is a global leader in employer branding, organizational culture, and recruitment marketing. We help organizations across the private, public, and not-for-profit sectors build extraordinary employee experiences, magnetic employer brands and high-performance cultures.<br><br>Connect with us today and let us help you transform your organization into a workplace that inspires your employees, leaders, customers, and shareholders.<br><br>Contact: sparker@bluivygroup.com<br>Visit: bluivygroup.com<br><br>Connect with us:<br><br>LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/blu-ivy-group<br><br>Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bluivygroup/<br> Show more