Beyond Curious ™ (formerly 7-Figure Millennials)
Curiosity alone won't change the world, but going Beyond Curious™ will. The people that shape society are the explorers — the brave adventurers willing to take a voyage into the unknown to satisfy their curiosity, fulfill their purpose, and bring their ideas to life. This is a show for those people. The people that are relentlessly curious about themselves, their impact, their potential, the people they love, and the world around them. The people who are CONSTANTLY asking themselves, “What if…”, “I wonder…”, “Why not…”, and pushing the boundaries of what is possible for themselves and for society at large. Join me (Brandon Fong) as every week I interview pioneering adventurers who have dared to go Beyond Curious™. Past guests have included NYT Bestselling authors, main stage TED speakers, 7-9 figure entrepreneurs... ... and even an occasional Olympian, NFL player, FBI hostage negotiator, hypnotist, drug dealer turned (legal) millionaire, decorated air force pilot, illusionist, Hollywood legend, Shark from Shark Tank, and even the man that invented the cell phone! I'm grateful to say that the show achieved a top 2% global ranking out of the 2.8M+ global podcasts indexed by Listen Notes in 1 year after launching. To hear the full story of how Beyond Curious™ was born and learn about the vision for the brand, listen to episode #140! Show more