A Magical Life: Health, Wealth, and Weight Loss
"A Magical Life" by Magic Barclay is dedicated to helping you heal. This podcast is a wealth of wisdom from over a hundred health, spiritual, and wellness experts and medical practitioners. Magic always asks the same 3 questions of her guests and she always gets different answers:1. How can your expertise accelerate health, be it physical, emotional, or spiritual?2. What are your top 3 tips to creating wealth, be it personal, financial, or emotional?3. If you have battled your weight, what was your trigger to lose it? What advice do you have to relieve stress that causes excess weight?You will find a wide variety of advice, techniques, and tools to help you create a truly magical life. Join the conversation on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/amagicallifepodcastFor more information on how to work with Magic, check out http://www.wholisticnaturalhealth.com.au/ Show more