A Sideways Life Podcast: Showcasing stories of people who live life that little bit differently
Meet your hosts, Al & Leanne Elliott, a husband and wife team who’ve been travelling full time since 2017. After visiting 43 different countries and 159 towns and cities, it’s safe to say they’ve heard plenty of juicy stories of people who live life on their terms (we call it ’Living sideways’). QUICK NOTE: This podcast was formerly called ’Thravellers’ but the pandemic taught us that travel is not the only way to live life differently - hence the name change! So join us for weekly episodes where we interview interesting people who are living and working abroad. Join us, and live life a little bit sideways. WEB: Show notes and other goodies at https://ASidewaysLife.com. INSTA: Follow along at https://Instagram.com/asidewayslife Show more