No Straight Path
No Straight Path aims to humanize success from the Millennial perspective. The world often sees the shiny resumes, highlights shared on social media, and job titles associated with a person's LinkedIn profile. We rarely see the story behind it. And when we do, it's often in a memoir towards the end of someone's journey. The podcast aims to delve into the story behind the success with a closer to real-time approach. Because the podcast focuses on the Millennial perspective, many guests are mid-journey. We are capturing a snapshot of the work they've done thus far, while also discussing their hopes and dreams for the future. I'll speak with various guests about their definitions of success and how they overcame setbacks, navigated pivots, and found purpose. No one has a straight path in life. There are lots of twists and turns, which often leads to growth, understanding, and wisdom. My hope is that listeners leave the conversation inspired and with a more nuanced perspective of success. Show more