PrettyAF Powerhouse | Personal Branding for Female Entrepreneurs
Are you tired of being overworked just to be passed up for yet another promotion? Do you dream of starting your own biz but don’t know where to start or what you’d even do? Are you embarrassed to even try because you’ve already wasted money on programs that didn’t pay off and started businesses that never turned a profit? My mission is to give you the tools to stop waiting for someone else to tell you you’re good enough and step into your full potential and power right now. In this podcast, you will find easy-to-implement strategies to start your own online business and use digital marketing to build your personal brand so you can build that successful business simply by being yourself. If you’re ready to be the PrettyAF Powerhouse you were always destined to be, you’re in the right place. Hey, I’m Azalee. Founder and Chief Creative Officer of PrettyAF, Online Business and Personal Branding Coach, and Digital Marketing Expert. I tried to create my own security by going to college and getting a Masters Degree in Journalism and Media Studies. I working so hard to try to prove myself. To try to prove that I was good enough to be promoted. I’d come in early and stay late. I’d take courses and attend events out of my own pocket to try to be better. To be good enough. But it was never enough. The harder I worked, the more successful everyone around me became. But I stayed in the exact same spot. I helped to build the personal brands online of business owners, musicians, speakers, and authors. They all became wildly successful. But I neglected trying to build anything for myself because I kept waiting for one of them to tell me I was ready. That I was good enough now. That I deserved that next level. I finally realized that I could promote myself to that level. I could use everything I learned to build my own personal brand online. I could create the same success I had created for them, for me. And I didn’t need to wait for any one of them to tell me I was ready or that I was good enough. I could decide that I was right then. So that’s what I did. I stopped asking for validation from others and I validated myself. Now I help other women who should be so much further along to promote themselves into the position they have been dreaming of by helping them start their online business and build their personal brand online. If you’re ready to finally stop wasting time on social media, chasing followers, and stop chasing that promotion - and you’re ready to build a profitable online business simply by knowing how to be yourself online - this podcast is for you. Heat up your curling iron and pop the bubbly. It’s your turn to be the PrettyAF Powerhouse you were always destined to be. Let’s get into it! Links: Show more