The PrettyAF Podcast
PrettyAF is a philanthropic lifestyle brand, blog, and podcast. PrettyAF is about being beautiful inside and out so you'll find interviews of women that are PrettyAF inside and out! They'll share their secrets to success in wellness, beauty, business, philanthropy, and life! You’ll also get solo episodes with PrettyAF’s creator and host, Azalee Maslow. She’s a branding coach, speaker, author, marketer, and the Founder of PrettyAF and The Babble Boutique. She’ll chat about all things business, marketing, branding, and PrettyAF tips. You’ll feel like you’re chatting with your besties and getting skinny on everything you’re dying to know. Get ready to get inspired and have actionable steps to build the life you love! 20% of all proceeds from PrettyAF go to select animal charities. Show more